In-House Laboratory & Diagnostics

Keep Your Pet Healthy and Happy with Our Rapid Testing and Precise Diagnostic Services

In-House Laboratory & Diagnostics in West Babylon

We know how stressful it is when your furry friend isn’t feeling well. The wait and worry while samples are sent to an external lab can be tough. That's why we've got our own in-house laboratory and diagnostics facility. Here, we can quickly diagnose your pet and get them on the path to recovery without the long wait or extra cost. Fast, accurate care is what your pets deserve, and it's exactly what we're here to provide.
Veterinarian taking care of pet dog
Veterinarian taking care of pet dog

The latest equipment and technology

At West Babylon Animal Hospital,  our in-house laboratory has the latest equipment and technology to perform rapid testing and diagnosis. Quick results mean we can identify your pet's issue and promptly begin treatment, ensuring they return to health faster. Fast, accurate care is our commitment to you and your beloved companion.
Pet X-Rays
We use digital X-rays, which are faster, safer, and clearer than traditional pet X-rays, to detect fractures, tumors, foreign bodies, and other abnormalities. We can also easily share the digital images with you or other specialists if needed. By utilizing our in-house radiography equipment, we can promptly evaluate your pet's condition, allowing for accurate diagnoses and effective treatment plans.
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Reliable In-House Laboratory & Diagnostics in West Babylon

Need quick and accurate answers for your pet's health concerns? Our in-house laboratory and diagnostics offer rapid and precise diagnosis for your pets. Book an appointment today and experience our advanced diagnostic capabilities. We promise prompt results and tailored care for your beloved cats and dogs to get them back to their playful selves in no time!
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Holistic Veterinary Care


West Babylon Animal Hospital provides in-house laboratory and diagnostics services for dogs and cats in Babylon, West Babylon, Lindenhurst, Farmingdale, West Islip, Islip, and surrounding areas. We also offer preventive pet care, pet dental care, spay/neuter, emergency pet care, pet X-rays, and more.
West Babylon Animal Hospital is a trusted, family-owned and operated veterinary hospital serving West Babylon, NY.
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